Introducing Collingwood PATIOLICIOUS

Collingwood embraces the outdoor dining experience for the 4th Annual Patiolicious! Explore a fresh way of experiencing the taste of Collingwood at one of our many restaurants, eateries, cafes and craft breweries on their expanded patios.

Located on backlots, hidden gardens, mainstreet parking spaces and other undiscovered areas, these new patios also reflect the artistic creativity that abounds around South Georgian Bay.

Patios came from Europe to North America in the 1960s as an innovative way of experiencing eating outdoors. Sixty years later, Collingwood has made a concerted effort to help its many local restaurants, cafes and markets expand their outdoor footprints as a way of helping them through the COVID-19 crisis, and due to popular demand, it’s now an ongoing annual tradition. In the entrepreneurial spirit Collingwood has become recognized for, its locally owned eating establishments have taken this opportunity to create refreshing new spaces that celebrate the connection the region has with the outdoors as Ontario Four Season Playground.

The Patiolicious name was inspired by a group of Georgian College students and professors who saw the opportunity to create safe, outdoor eating experiences while the COVID crisis continues. Together with Georgian College, a Safe Plates resource manual was consequently developed and distributed to all participating restaurants to help ensure a safe experience for all.

Collingwood Patiolicious now gives everyone a chance to discover these new, creatively decorated patios both in its historic downtown as well as around Town and along its many hiking and biking trails.

Come experience Collingwood Patiolicious for some great sweet and savoury celebrations as well as the extensive selection of locally brewed beers and distilled beverages.

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